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Trakka's TIPS: the ultimate C-UAS and C4ISR solution

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On the battlefield, there's a delicate balance between searching the terrain for targets and getting sucked into a kind of tunnel vision where a soldier can't see other threats coming. What is needed is an overall linked strategy that allows all parts to work together, providing information quickly and efficiently through the battlefield to identify targets and their key priority. Trakka have an innovative product range that does that.

Q: With forces covering different mission areas, especially in the land arena, Trakka Total Mission Solutions allow operator and command centres access to time critical information; could you explain the uses and applications for land?

A: Trakka Systems offers a comprehensive suite of land-based vision solutions designed to empower security forces and enhance mission success. TrakkaCam products are a range of cost-effective, ITAR-free, high-performance gyro-stabilized single or dual Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) gimbal systems for ISR and Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) applications.

TrakkaCam® long-range electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) imagers provide ground forces with a clear view of the battlefield in all lighting conditions, ensuring informed decision-making from safe stand-off distances. All multi-sensor payloads are modular and fully configurable to ensure adaptability and to provide the best match with mission needs. TrakkaMaps®, mission and video management software, facilitates seamless information sharing between crews and provide real-time video feeds with augmented reality views. Turn night into day with our revolutionary TrakkaBeam® high-intensity searchlights (HISL). These systems illuminate targets at night, while covert-IR filters allow clandestine operations for crews equipped with night vision capabilities. All our solutions can be interfaced with third party systems to provide a fixed site or mobile drone detection system with secure data links and other peripheral systems.

Q: The company has made specific products for the land area such as Trakka TC 300G, TC 375G, Trakka Beam TLXc, TrakkaMaps and TrakkaStream, how do these products work together to provide a complete solution and how can they be utilized individually?

A: The Trakka Interceptor Protection System-CUAS (TIPS-C) is a fully integrated mobile system that effectively detects, identifies and neutralizes drone threats. The TIPS-C utilizes a system-of-systems approach to C-UAS, providing a turnkey total solution package mounted on a mobile platform that provides a fully integrated common operating picture for on-the-move drone detect, track and defeat capabilities within the immediate airspace, as well as providing an extensive reporting suite.

The TIPS-C integrates Trakka's TrakkaCam long-range EO/IR sensor in a 375mm gimbal, together with the Smart Hub MK II multi-sensor fusion network device, which connects multiple sensors together. The SmartHub compiles vast amounts of environmental data - it talks to the radar and DroneOptID (which has optical Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) software) - to create an autonomous, joint-capability drone detection and tracking system. This system integrates slew-to-cue camera operations for visual threat assessment using the TrakkaCam TC-375 EO/IR System with video evidence recording.

Mounted on the roof, the DroneSentry-X MK2 provides automated 360° detect and defeat capabilities. It can track multiple drones simultaneously, utilizing RF detection, radar and EO/IR sensors for target confirmation.

The backbone to the TIPS-C is our open architecture command and control centre that can incorporate any number of third-party complementary detection and neutralizing devices. Our advanced software algorithms can detect, identify and automatically track drones of any size while dismissing moving objects, such as birds, in detection zones. This all but eliminates the false positive readings that challenge other systems, thereby saving precious time during critical moments when engaging with imminent threats.

Q: How are Trakka working to provide individual systems for different militaries, involving training, maintenance and supply?

A: Trakka provides complete Total Solution Systems to our customers for a mission focused package be it ISR, Search and Rescue (SAR), CUAS etc.

Q: Could you provide a brief history and update on who you are working with for our readers?

A: Trakka Systems has worked with and is supporting Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) like Airbus, Bell, Leonardo and Sikorski to mention a few. Military customers like the United States Coast Guard, United States Air Force, Danish MoD, German MoD and Romanian MoD and many more.

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