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Marshall is an independent company with a global presence in the UK, Europe, North America and the Middle East, serving armed forces, prime contractors and partners in the air, land and sea.

In the air, Marshall is recognized as a global authority in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) for Lockheed Martin's C-130 Hercules aircraft, with unrivalled experience on this platform since 1966. The company also provides customers with capability enhancement, engineering and support services to operators of various platforms.

Marshall also offers advanced structures and complex subsystems for civil and military applications - from fuel tanks and refuelling probes, to cockpit trim panels, helmet components, propellers and special mission radomes.

The company has recently developed an innovative ecosystem of autonomous behind visual line of sight (BVLOS) uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) that provide dynamic and on-demand offshore inspection services. Lilypad uses artificial intelligence and navigation sensors to create a world-leading integrated capability that powers the offshore wind industry with robotics and complex data system. Other applications include ISR, perimeter inspection and border patrol.

On land, Marshall specializes in the design and production of industry-leading deployable infrastructure, vehicle and platform integration and many levels of through-life support to enable the rapid deployment of military, humanitarian and civil operations worldwide, meeting both market standards and requirements regardless of the extreme conditions of the operations environment.

The standardized containers produced within their range of deployable infrastructure are highly mobile modular in their design, offering flexible and rapid reconfiguration for mission flexibility. Some of the configurations include ammunition and hazardous materials storage solutions, maintenance and deployable workshops, C4ISR, laboratories, living and working spaces.

State-of-the-art deployable infrastructure such as the Advanced Containerized CT Scanner (ACCTS), highly secure command and control shelters and Unmanned Aerial Solutions (UAS) comprising UAV storage, maintenance and flight control stations in one expandable container solutions are also available as part of the Marshall offering.

Marshall recently completed a project in partnership with General Dynamics and Mercedes, and the team was named the preferred bidder for the Logistics Vehicle Modernization Program (LVM) that will replace the fleet of logistics vehicles used by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). The fleet will transfer resources, personnel and military assets during both domestic and international operations and for exercises.

For this program, Marshall will produce a range of mission-specific, containerized modules mounted on Mercedes-Benz Zetros trucks, which will provide the common chassis of the vehicles in all configurations.

Marshall has an extensive portfolio, including innovative solar energy systems and smart grid technologies to complement mobile infrastructure, providing armed forces with access to highly efficient and cost-effective combat assets, with a considerable reduction of the logistical footprint and with an important input of flexibility in missions. These solutions are environmentally sustainable, useful in both operations and exercises, and the extended durability of the products significantly reduces the final cost.

Finally, Marshal recently announced that he will lead a group of UK aerospace industry and academic leaders to establish HyFIVE, a consortium to develop a hydrogen-based fuel system and supply chain to support emission free aviation in the 2030's.

The company will exhibit and present its portfolio of capabilities at Eurosatory, which takes place in Paris on 17-21 June, where they encourage discussions around current challenges and required support that the Armed Forces are facing in today's geopolitical climate.

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