Welcome to the new issue of Military Vehicle Systems, the project is growing every issue, both in terms of contributors and our reach into the worldwide military market. You can pick up a copy if you are at Eurosatory, DVD24, AUSA or our other 30 supported shows; please feel free to email me to be added to our distribution list. The project is designed to look at on-board vehicle systems that will increase the operational capabilities of front line vehicles to provide services as part of a troop.

With the prevalence of UAV tech in the front line we look at both sides of the coin: with UMS Skeldar we look at their operational helicopter which can be carried via Marshall, with EOS Australia we look at counter drone technology on the move, this innovative kit also uses Echodyne technology that's also featured.

Honeywell looks at the problem of navigation in GNSS denied environments; their latest offering sets a new standard in defence vehicle navigation that can be relied upon in all conditions. Trakka Systems have a unique system that works to provide critical information through the battlefield, worth a read as it combines different products that are all used today.

With Piedrafita we look at a revolutionary suspension system that will allow for the constant increase in weight and demanding high-mobility requirements. Tony White at Ultra looks at what integrated close combat really means; this is interesting as it's exactly the message new divisions across the world's military are striving for.

INVISIO showcase their new Intercom and API product and we revisit Manet with DTC. Within a new section, Future Technology, we look at innovative tech coming online in the next few months: SABRN Tech manufacture vehicle and UAV carried medical LifePods for frontline medical and surgical care along with telemedicine.

We have articles from the US Military reviewing TITAN, plus the British Army on Ajax, plus articles from DARPA, DSTL, Australian and New Zealand Armies, this is a growing project if you feel we need to incorporate other technologies or have any comments, good or bad, please email me, it's the way we improve.

Editor, Military Vehicle Systems

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