Welcome to our new issue of Military Vehicle Systems. This journal has been created to look at the use of vehicle systems to aid dismounted troops in the field and to provide a key link in the 'Digital Battlefield'.

The vehicle is no longer solely the way to transport troops to the field, but a strategic field base supplying communications, data and data transfer, power, radar and counter UAS technology.

We look at weaponry systems for vehicles with Raytheon ELCAN, the problems of system interconnection, (in terms of onboard systems themselves and also the need to allow troops to use their worn kit onboard vehicles when carrying different countries troops) with ODU and the solution with Invisio.

With Echodyne we look at vehicle mounted radar providing protection from all field threats. SPX CommTech looks at counter UAS activity by effectively identifying, tracking and defeating hostile RF signals in drones and other unmanned systems to mitigate against electronic warfare threats. We also look at high definition video and audio for intelligence gathering and effective decision making.

We have our programmes area in the middle, updates on current events around the world from various countries and articles from the US Army, British Army, European Defence Agency, DARPA, Australian Army, DSTL and finally an interesting article from Romania, this gives a feel of what pressure the Ukraine war is having on close countries militaries.

As always if you have anything, good or bad, to say about the project we are always looking to improve; we value constructive criticism, so please email me.


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