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06 May 2024 - (INVISIO)
INVISIO unveils new Intercom app, adding to market-leading tactical communications systems

06 May 2024 - (Thermoteknix)
It’s a full house! Thermoteknix wins 5th Royal Award

02 May 2024 - (INVISIO)
INVISIO’s new in-ear headset achieves market-leading hearing protection levels

02 May 2024 - (NZDF)
Into the deep end - Karori lifeguard up for challenge as Reserve Force soldier

02 May 2024 - (US Army)
APS-2 grid set in Czechia for DEFENDER 24, ready for issue to WV Army National Guard

01 May 2024 - (Australian Defence)
Camera gives digger different focus on Army life

01 May 2024 - (DARPA)
Manta Ray UUV Prototype Completes In-Water Testing

01 May 2024 - (US Army)
Virginia National Guard Soldiers Conduct Air Assault Drill

30 April 2024 - (US Army)
Maryland Guard Joins Homeland Disaster Response Exercise

29 April 2024 - (Canadian Army)
Tactical vehicle on the fast track

29 April 2024 - (British Army)
Army officer engineers successful work life balance

25 April 2024 - (Thales)
AI-assisted optronics: an unprecedented European project to increase combat perception capabilities

25 April 2024 - (European Defence Agency)
Green fingers: EU defence energy community ends phase with new proposals

25 April 2024 - (British Army)
Global response force travels to Steadfast Defender

25 April 2024 - (US Army)
Special operations exercise showcases Army space

23 April 2024 - (DARPA)
RACER Speeds Into a Second Phase With Robotic Fleet Expansion and Another Experiment Success

22 April 2024 - (DARPA)
Acquisition Innovation: From Other Transactions to Fast-Pitch Proposals

18 April 2024 - (US Army)
US Army conducts test of advanced medium power source microgrid system

17 April 2024 - (Eventora)
DEFEA Conference Registration is OPEN!

17 April 2024 - (Australian Defence)
Defence strategy homes in on Australia's greatest risks

17 April 2024 - (NZDF)
NZDF working with Pacific neighbours to support Solomon Islands election

17 April 2024 - (NZDF)
Southern skies host Exercise Skytrain

17 April 2024 - (Australian Defence)
Antarctica season comes to a close while Hercules crew conducts medical evacuation

16 April 2024 - (Australian Defence)
Course builds special forces capability

16 April 2024 - (British Army)
Sense, decide, effect and sustain: the crucial data kill chain

12 April 2024 - (UK Government)
New procurement rules help rapid fitting of military laser to Royal Navy ships

12 April 2024 - (US Army)
U.S., Burundi partner for first of two Military Medical Readiness Exercises in 2024

11 April 2024 - (DARPA)
OPEN Program Seeks to Prove Technology Capability for Global Critical Materials Market Transparency

11 April 2024 - (US Army)
US, Chilean armies set stage for inaugural exercise Southern Fenix 2024

10 April 2024 - (Australian Defence)
Landmark production contract signed for Boxer Heavy Weapon Carrier vehicle export to Germany

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